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Frequently Asked Questions & Dealership Policies

Many times,  our consumers have similar questions at different stages of their vehicle purchase process. As a part of our commitment to honesty and transperancy we would like to post our answers and policies here to avoid confusion. If you have a question that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to call one of our dedicated sales associates at (407) 208 9696.


1.) What does "No Haggle, No Hassle" Pricing or "Haggle Free Dealership"  mean?

Since 2014, MCJ Auto Sales, made the decision to use a fix pricing model. We determined that to provide our customers with the best car buying experience possible it was necessary for us to market our best price up front.  This means, that our first price is our best price.  We do not negotiate from the price listed on our website. We do not post different prices on different web platforms. We have one price for every vehicle. This also allows us to process the transaction with our customer much quicker than most dealers.  The back and forth negotiation process is quite time consuming.  We always say, just because you negotiated, doesn't mean you got a good deal.

2.) Where do you obtain your vehicles from?

Our vehicles are hand selected through a wide variety of sources.  A portion of our vehicles are purchased from lease companies such as BMW Financial Services, Mercedes Benz Financial, Nissan Infiniti Lease Trust, American Honda Finance, GMAC, Ally Financial and more!  We also purchase one-owner or new car trade vehicles from large franchised dealerships such as Autonation.  This is where we are able to source many of our one owner dealer maintained vehicles.  Also, we may find vehicles that are bank repossessions, direct purchase from individuals, or off rental or corporate fleet.

3.) Do you accept outside financing, drafts from other lenders or credit unions?

Yes. Please allow up to 5 business days for processing (Does not apply to USAA or Navy Federal drafts ). We will hold your vehicle for 5 business days to secure payment from other lenders. We encourage all guest to obtain financing at our dealership for same day delivery/purchase. Some drafts from out of state banks/credit unions might be declined. See an associate for the list of our approved drafts/lenders.


4.) What other fees can I expect in additional to the "No Haggle Price"?

The other fees include taxes, title and registration and documentation charges.  Florida collects 6.00% of the sales price of the vehicle from all customers.  The State of Florida also charges to title and register a new vehicles. To transfer an existing license plate registration and title the cost is approximately $100-$150. To purchase a new license plate registration and title the cost is approximately $278-$400.  MCJ Auto Sales charges a $125 electronic title processing fee. There is a county tax that averages approximately $50.  When financing a vehicle in the State of Florida there is a Documentary Stamp tax that is collected by the lender.    Documentary stamp tax is levied at the rate of $.35 per $100 (or portion thereof) on documents that transfer interest in Florida real property, such as warranty deeds and quit claim deeds. If you live out of state, we will submit the tax documents to the Department of Revenue and provide you with proof of taxes paid.  You will be responsible for any additional taxes (over the 6.00%) in the state you reside.

5.) How much is your standard documentation fee and what does it cover?

Our standard documentation fee is $499.  This is non-negotiable and every customer is required to pay it in accordance with compliance law.  It includes, but is not limited to, In House Notary Fees, Next Day Mailing for Payoffs, Mailing of Transfer Registrations, Carfax Vehicle History Report Provided for Every Vehicle, Assisting Customer in Notifying Their Insurance Company of the New Vehicle Purchase and Obtaining Courtesy Stamps or Original Insurance Stamps as Required by the State of Florida, Duplicate Title Applications for Lost Trade Titles, Storing Hard Copies of Archived Files as Required by Law, Compliance, Patriot Act and Privacy Act, Required Insurance for unaccompanied Test Drives , Computer and Internet Security,  Verifying Customer Identity and Fraud Protection, Disposition of Trades, Administering Extended Warranties and Gap Insurance.

6.)  Do you accept trade-in's?

Yes, we accept all vehicles, any age, condition, and miles.  Even if you do not purchase your vehicle from us we will consider purchasing your vehicle!


7.)  How does sales tax work for out of state buyers?


All vehicles purchased will be charged applicable state sales tax on the total order. You will pay Florida Sales Tax up to 6% according to your State sales tax. If your State sales tax is over 6%, or there are any additional tax charges in your County, the remaining balance will be paid to your State. Example: If your State sales tax is 8.5%, you will pay Florida Sales Tax of 6% and the additional 2.5% will be paid to your State. If you live in one of the three non-reciprocal states of Arkansas, Mississippi or West Virginia, you are required to pay tax in both states.


8.)  What is your standard warranty on used vehicles?

All of our eligible vehicles will come with a 90 day 3,000 mile (3/3) powertrain warranty.

All eligible manufacturers 2008 or Newer with less than 100,000 miles, will be covered under  3/3 LIMITED POWER-TRAIN WARRANTY. This warranty covers the vehicle for the first 90 DAYS OR 3,000 MILES (Whichever occurs first) from the date of purchase! This is a power-train warranty ONLY, which means it ONLY covers the Internally Lubricated Parts of the engine, transmission and drivetrain. No Exceptions.

Click here for list of ineligible Makes & Models. 

9.)  What type of payment is required if I am paying for the vehicle in full?


We will accept Cash, Certified Bank Check(Cashiers Check) or Bank Wire for payment of the vehicle. If you are financing a portion of the vehicle, any amount over $1,500 will need to be in the form of a cash or certified bank check.

10.)  Do you accept credit/debit cards for vehicle purchases?

We will accept up to $3,000(in total) on a credit/debit card* toward a vehicle purchase. We do not accept personal checks. No exceptions.
*2% Convenience Fee will be assessed to all credit/debit card transactions over $1,500.

11.)  What is your policy on deposits and holding vehicles?

Phone Deposits:

* MCJ Auto Sales will take a $100 credit/debit card deposit over the phone to hold a vehicle for 2 business days.  If the customer cannot come within 2 business days, they are to call back within 48 hours of their expected arrival and leave a deposit.  After 48 hours the vehicle will be placed back on the lot and for immediate sale.  

Showroom Deposits:

* MCJ Auto Sales will hold a vehicle for 48 hours with a $200 deposit.  If the customer would like to hold the vehicle longer than 48 hours, we will need the vehicle paid for in full. We will not hold a vehicle longer than 2 business days for any reason.  


Both of these deposits are refundable.  

12.) Do you allow on-site or off-site third party Mechanic Inspections?

On-Site Inspection:

Yes, we allow our customers to send their mechanics to do an on-site inspection of a vehicle at our lot prior to their purchase. Also, as a courtesy we would provide access to our lifts for a frame and undercarriage inspection, if requested by the customer.


Off-Site Inspection

Yes, our customers are allowed to take the vehicle off-site to be inspected by their mechanic. However,  under no circumstance is a customer allowed to take a vehicle to a third party mechanic inspection without a deposit and signed purchase agreement.

13.)  Do you provide an additional key with every vehicle?

We provide our customers with the keys that were provided to us. Some vehicles come with multiple keys and some only have one key.   We are unable to provide an additional key if the vehicle only has one key.  We would be happy to provide you with our dealer cost if you are interested in obtaining an additional key.

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